Monday, February 21, 2011

my husband's two dollar outfit

I drew this during midterm presentations last Thursday night. My homesickness has been kicking in the past few weeks and all I can seem to think about is how much I miss my hubby and the other kitty cat.

speaking of which...
my husband is SO goofy.

so, saturday and sunday was rag-o-rama's dollar sale. saturday, after we got up at 11:30, ate breakfast, got ready, and did everything else we do so slowly, we got in the car at 1:30. it took us TWO hours to get to Little Five and back. !!!

regardless, the trek was worth it.

my father-in-law is always going on about how his son is so lazy (it's a running joke long before i came into the picture). so, when we were scouring the dollar racks, we found a pair of casual baby blue linen banana republic pants and a blue and white flower t-shirt. albert loved that t-shirt. naturally, we bought them and we thought it would be hilarious to come to family dinner on sunday night with albert dressed as the lazy boy he's been called since he can remember.

here's the results:

albert loves seinfeld, so instantly these became his "cabana clothes" (it's what george's dad called his cruise shirts that george sold because kramer told him to... just look it up). he created the whole look" flipflops in mid february, an umbrella in a drink, even some sunglasses that he broke when he sat on them on vacation a few years back. it was ah-mazing.

ah... gotta wipe away those tears of laughter.

i have been swamped with homework this weekend. since i still have work to do that is due tomorrow, i am going to play it easy and show you three things that i've recently discovered:

first up is this beautiful print by ellemoss on etsy (can you say "inspiration"?! & ps if you look at her etsy account, pay attention to her profile pic- it's like Nancy Drew! i want to make one of those!)

the second is a digital camera (the rolleiflex mini digi) made to look like an old timey camera:

the third is a felt pizza set from wee folk art, something that i hope to one day make for my children!

okay, i've got lotsa reading to do. will post some good stuff tomorrow! stay tuned!
-katie b

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