Monday, February 7, 2011

stitch me up!

the artwork of maurizio anzari

hi all! sorry about the weekend hiatus!

i am tossing around potential subjects for my final paper in the history of art education class. tonight i came up with the idea of doing a paper on the history of craft in the 20th century to today's use in the (occasional) classroom and technology's influence on etsy culture. what do you think?

someone in class suggested that i choose a specific type of crafting (since it can be so broad) so i instantly thought "hand stitching". embroidery art is so beautiful and i hope that since you saw the post about the dolly parton embroidery, you would agree with me.

i have also recently found the artwork of Maurizio Anzeri, who does embroidery on photographs.

takasi iwasaki does some really fun, abstract embroidery art:

& the yetis in megan whitmarsh's work are so fun and retro ("new wave" as my aunt cindy would say)

"craft" has evolved into a totally different animal from "art" in the past 100 years. crafts are valued as a tradeable commodity, something that can be made and bought cheaply. art has value in the formal sense; it can be expensive and difficult to make. which do you think has more value?

one of my personal quirks is that i love using the formal training that i have in art towards creating crafts. crafts are seen as something that anyone can do, but art is something that only artists can make. so, what happens when you take an artist and make them use their skills in craft? bam! you get my hobbies.

the baby shower this weekend went really well. i ended up photographing the entire thing and spent the rest of saturday night editing the images. there are a few of them that i especially like:

photo of mel with my gift, just after she opened it! ^
photo of albert's aunt- love this one!!! ^i really liked the lighting on the favors^

see you tomorrow! :)

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  1. the embroidery is sweet!it kinda reminds me of paper filigree