Thursday, February 17, 2011

things that are better together (like you & me)

by artist Amir Zaki

i love diptychs. my midterm that i'm presenting tonight is about a project on diptychs. here's a brief history on diptychs & the different forms that they can take...

they're traditionally two panels hinged
diptychs are often connected by a common theme (the earliest dealt with religion)
the two images often inform one another (this is a common modern interpretation)

actually, Bosch's famous Garden of Earthy Delights is actually a triptych... 3 panels.

diptychs can be done with painting...
The Crucifixion; The Last Judgment by Jan Van Eyck, circa 1430

Diptych Study for the Human Body... After Ingres by Francis Bacon, 1982-84

Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol, 1962

99 Cent II Diptychon by Andreas Gursky, 2001

anything, really...

Dialogue by Michael Sullivan Hart, 2011

by artist Terry Dixon

French diptych depicting scenes from the life of Christ, 14th century

one of my new resolutions for the year (what, you can't make any mid-februrary?) is to take my camera with me everywhere and start taking pictures again. i miss carrying my camera around. i'm going to try to finish all of my blog posts with an image that i have taken recently.

here's my photo of the day, a diptych of some of my cacti:

Spiky Things by Katie Bush, 2011

i dabbled in crafts yesterday, so i will post about them later :)
see you then!
-katie b

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