Friday, March 11, 2011

Events: American Craft Council Show!

Tonight, I went to the American Craft Council Show at the Cobb Galleria with my mom! It was really fun- everything in there I would consider to be high end crafting (as in it was very difficult to find something priced under $20) and there wasn't anything inspiring enough to go home and make immediately.

A bunch of the vendors were uncomfortable with people taking photos of their work.

Lucky you, though- I picked up lots of business cards and googled my way to images for you! Here's some highlights, enjoy!

Dawn Wain had some beautiful necklaces made of really unique materials!

Lucerzia Bieler is a Swiss papercutting artist who makes some beautiful papercuts! She had tons of these framed against a white background for maximum effect. Take a peek!

A really popular booth was the steampunk-inspired Mullanium art. They had sculpture, jewelry, and jewelry boxes!

James McClure had these amazing button artworks, though he sold mostly woodworking projects-

John T. Crutchfield is a savvy businessman. He was such a sweet talker about his artwork that I almost had the mind to buy some $45 Frida earrings. Some of his jewelry uses images from art history (he told me that both of his brothers are art historians).

Marylou Ozbolt-Storer's clothing stood out from the other clothing there. Granted, some of her sweaters were a bit too mature for my taste, but her raincoats were extreme! I know ART would like the gray one! They were $360! & I love that all the images on the website are grannies. Haha!

There was one guy selling some bad ass, unique kaleidoscopes. The dragonfly ones are actually half a dragonfly attached to a mirror, so it looks like a full dragonfly! Here's Marc Tickle's work:

Found*Ling was overpriced resin pendants of cheaply printed lettering. Seriously, these were three digit prices for something that would take less than a day and less than $15 to make!

Jerry Krider's puzzles were really fun to look at. He had a small one that was like 2" x 1" for $24. A little expensive, but really cool!

Gretchen Papka makes mixed media works:

The husband and wife team at Hsu Studios made a complete rip-off of Alexander Calder mobiles, but that doesn't make me not want one!

June Corley made some cool typographic sculptures:

I haven't once talked about encaustics. Marge Luttrell works with encaustics-

My mom loved the work of James Wilbat. She bought one of his paperweights-

Laura Stamper's designs were cute but really expensive. She had a Frida pin that I loved but it was over $200! Here's some of her work:

There was a lot of jewelry, but the one that stood out the most to me was Harry Roa Studio. Not all of the jewelry was practical for every day wear, but the design element was really strong:

Joan Dulla used shredded money for her designs, used in teapots, baskets, bracelets, necklaces, even diamond-encrusted purses. Luxury for the overly luxurious:

Elisabeth Maurland had some colorful ceramics. I've never seen anything quite like this before with these colors and patterns:

And, the best for last- Sean Brown's jewelry! Out of everything at the show, this guy was my favorite! He has ceramic necklaces, pins, earrings, and framed artwork and some of them are made using pencils or paint brushes. I loved his work because I bought a pair of sugar skull earrings and a sugar skull pin (which I plan on using as a necklace) to match!

& that's a recap! Now you've saved $15 you'd spend on getting into the show!
Yay you! See you tomorrow!

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