Tuesday, March 29, 2011

announcing the etsy store: Physical Duck!

i'm currently "reading" (does audiobook even count?) Half Empty by David Rakoff per NPR's review last fall & i have to admit, i am really enjoying his criticism of contemporary culture. one thing that he talked about really inspired me and that was "the house of the future" at Disney's Tomorrowland, which opened back in 1957. his description of it was so much more inspiring than actual images i found via google, but it's still worth showing:

my mom e-mailed me some prints by artist Liz Toole and i felt inclined to post them:

today, i created my all new etsy shop. i'm actually putting items in it that i can bear to part with. the store is called Physical Duck and it's owned by myself and ART. you can visit the storefront here or look at the toolbar on the left side of the blog to take a gander at what we are selling at the moment. or you can just look at the following images to take in the awesomeness:

^tigers were my totem animal when i was younger. i love this necklace!
^ i have absolutely fallen in love with this polar bear necklace. i don't really want to give it up.

see you tomorrow!
-Katie B

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  1. Anonymous1.4.11

    I love it! I say keep it and be your own best sales woman! I've been getting positive feedback whenever I wear mine ;)You go girl!