Sunday, March 27, 2011

at a glance: contemporary art of india

hi all!

in case if you haven't checked in a while, the "quick inspiration" button and the "discover new artists" button at the menu underneath my blog's title are newly updated and have a direct feed into my tumblr accounts, so whenever something new is posted on tumblr, it changes automatically on those pages. this means that there is new content streaming often, so please be sure to click on it every once in a while!

crafting over the past few days has been solely for the Etsy store, which will hopefully launch soon! today i want to post about a smidgeon of contemporary artists in India...

George Martin P.J.

Catharsis in Order, 2010 (acrylic on canvas)

Manmade Cavities, 2008 (acrylic on canvas)

All is Fair in Magic White, 2009 (vinyl print)

Arrangeurownmarriage Installation, 2002/2009

Gayatri Gamuz (who's actually from Spain, but lives and works in India)-

Life Got Complicated, oil on linen

In a Dream, oil on linen

Desolation, oil on linen

Critical Times, oil on linen

Thota Vaikuntam-

Bose Krishnamachari

In- White Cubes, 2005 (acrylic and oil on canvas)

Stretched Bodies, 2006 (acrylic on canvas)

Bharti Kher (who I posted about a while ago, too)-

Rudolph and Bambi, 2002

installation in 2010

heart installation

untitled, 2008 (bindis on painted board)

Alexis Kersey-

Im Speak Di Trut, 2008

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, 2008


Solace I

see you tomorrow!
-katie b

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