Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a buffet for the eyes

i've taken a well deserved hiatus from blogging the past few days. midterms are kicking my booty! now i'm back!

my birthday weekend festival was fantastic! (albert's mom coined that term!) we painted pottery, watched ufc, geocached, and spent time with friends. i couldn't have asked for a better weekend! albert's mom surprised me with a cake on sunday night! YUM:

i found two noteworthy artists to talk about:

whose artwork is like a buffet for the eyes:

who makes artwork that's loosely based on science

as my midterm for my wednesday night classes, i had to interview someone who wasn't from the same culture as i am, so i chose to interview my father-in-law because he was born in egypt. he told me about a painting he specifically remembers seeing when he was living in germany, called man in a golden helmet. i did some poking around and it has an interesting history. apparently, it was attributed to rembrandt up until 1985, when they decided that no, it was another anonymous artist. and it lost a lot of its value. you can read about that here. this is the painting:

What do you think?

Lastly, an artist named Liz Noonan created a project called 25 People, 25 Bucks, 25 Pieces of Art. She had people mail in their collections to her and she transformed them into new objects. For example, someone who had a glove collection got a wreath made of the gloves. It's like taking sentimental objects and turning it into one, large shebang that you'll treasure forever! The photo below also includes a collection of dog collars that were transformed into photo albums.

What would you transform? What do you collect?

See you tomorrow!
-Katie B.

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