Thursday, March 17, 2011

craft by craftwest!

I crafted today! Yay! But first I want to talk about a movie that I FINALLY got to see- North By Northwest, a Hitchcock classic! Albert & I absolutely love Hitchcock movies, & this one has been on our list for a while. The interior design of the rich guy's home on Mount Rushmore was phenomenal! Take a look:

^side view of the home

^cliff view of the home

^love the luxurious faux fur armchair

^view of the couch with the staircase behind it

^view even more behind the faux fur armchair

^the stairs from the back hallway

^the awesome wall decor reminds me of this sunburst clock, modeled after George Nelson's designs (I have a few of the bright orange ones :)

I finished my dinosaur necklace (FINALLY!) by casting resin into the bezel-

I finished ART's Murder Mystery Bracelet-
the books are my favorite! i used sleeves from an agatha christie, two nancy drews, and a sherlock holmes!

^i made a mold of the gun from some earrings that i have. i cast this one in purple, painted it with a glittery acrylic rust color, then used modge podge as a top coat to make it waterproof. (the gun is easily detachable in case if she deems it NWS- she works with kids)

^the magnifying glass was a mold i made from a charm i have, then i cast it in lime green. when it was done, i painted it with brown, added gold acrylic, and then did a modge podge coating like with the gun. the fingerprint is my pinky, printed on the back of a business card (thick paper! reduce, reuse, recycle, right?) and then cast with a clear coating of resin. so, this is pretty much a heap of plastic. it just took hours to make. :)

^bottles i made to look like poison to add dramatic effect. wish i hadn't chosen green now, maybe an olive color next time?

I took photographs of a few tchotchkes so I can decide what I am going to paint tomorrow-

& I had time to look up an artist on my google list! Today I learned about Javier Pinon, who makes contemporary collages. I like to think of him as a modern-day Richard Hamilton:

Tomorrow is a full-fledged art day & tomorrow night is pottery painting! Looking forward to getting those creative juices flowing again!
Until then,
-Katie B

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