Saturday, March 26, 2011

crash course: candy art!

Parents- be warned! This post contains images that some may deem inappropriate for young children.

I want candy! Today's theme is artists who make art with or about candy! Get comfy, 'cause this post is huge!!!

One of the most well-known already is the work of Wayne Thiebaud, who painted primarily cakes and ice creams, but also painted gumball machines:

Chew by Numbers is becoming a popular gag gift, but artist Jamie Marraccini conceptualized, markets, and actually works with chewed gum as a medium:

5 Tulips, 2009
Galileo, 1997
Home, 1997

This would be such a fun project to do with kindergarten! You could have the teacher sketch out a coloring sheet-like image onto a canvas & spend so much time having the kids chew gum to put onto the canvas. A collaborative (and kind of gross) installation piece! Voila!

A few years ago, I read about Mel Ramos in a magazine. He pokes fun at the marketing industry's use of sex to sell something completely unrelated (& caution to parents as these images may be inappropriate for children) :

Butterfinger, 1996 (watercolor on paper)

Candy Baby Ruth, 1981 (lithograph)

Candy 2, 2004 (lithograph)

Artist Kate Brinkworth was inspired by Hitchcock's use of angles in his films. They inspire her work, which focuses on a single point of view or an odd angle, which is easy to paint since the development of photography. Her work looks so realistic it's absolutely stunning [& her official website is here]:

Candy Stripe "Jelly Baby", oil on canvas

Perfect Princess Candy, oil on canvas

Candy, oil on canvas

Gummy bears are so much fun. Artist Nicole Vogelzang received a lot of attention about 8 years ago for her comical paintings of these delicious treats:

Drop, 2004

The Kiss, after Klimt

The Meeting, 2002

The Decision Maker, 2003

In 2006, artist Chandra Bocci received acclaim for her gummy genesis, titled "Big Bang" (made of all kinds of gummies, including fruits and sharks...). The eco-art on her website is so inspiring! Take a look!:

& to top both of those off, artist Yaya Chou made these amazing gummy creations:

(fun fact: this chandelier is 30 pounds of gummy bears!)

& another gummy chandelier by the company Jellio (who sells gummy lamps, too) :

The next notable mention is artist Liz Hickok, who created a replica of the city of San Francisco out of jell-o! These are beautiful!!!! [okay, jell-o is a dessert more than a "candy", but you'll be glad you saw these]

Mexico City artist Enrique Ramos makes art from all kinds of things; cow dung, butterflies, even skittles! His work always focuses on celebrities & can be found in Ripleys! attractions nationwide. You can find out more about Ramos and some other candy artists here. Take a peek:

The last artist I'm going to talk about is artist Aimee Dingman, who is a part of an online art catalog on candy:

Wow, this makes me hungry!
See you tomorrow!
-Katie B

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