Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elephant Art!

Since the post about snail art was such a hit yesterday, I decided to do a post on elephants today! Surprisingly, most of the elephant art I found (at least the interesting pieces) were very political in nature.

Last year, Albert and I went to the Midtown Arts Cinema to see Exit Through the Gift Shop, an AMAZING film and "documentary" (I use quotations because it's authenticity is controversial) about London-based street artist Banksy. At Banksy's first US exhibit in 2006, he spray painted an elephant and put it in the gallery (a warehouse, really), promoting "the elephant in the room": the lack of awareness to the number of people living below the poverty line. (There's a great article on the controversy here)

The next elephant work is also by a street artist, Shepard Fairey, who you may know from Andre the Giant or the "HOPE" promo of Obama during the last election. Hopefully you can tell by the stylization of his work, but Fairey is a printmaker. [& you can view a photo of him dressed up as Andy Warhol here]

What would a post about elephants be without the mention of Salvador Dali's disproportionate creatures of high magnitude?

(i remember seeing this elephant statue off the river Thames in London a few years ago... i think they used to have a Dali museum there but i recall hearing a rumor that it had closed?)

& don't forget Dali's swans reflecting elephants:

Another famous artist also dabbled in elephants. I posted a few months ago about my bucket list. The garden that Niki de Saint Phalle created was on it (Tarot Gardens). De Saint Phalle, who had an exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens a few years ago, created these beautiful sculptures:

Stravinsky Fountain in Paris

Artist Sasha Constable used discarded weapons from the Cambodian war to create artwork for the Peace Art Project Cambodia:

One of Richard Avedon's most iconic and recognizable works is Dovima with Elephants:

I couldn't find an artist for these topiaries, which means that they probably weren't created as "art" as much as they were just for decoration. I still think they're noteworthy:

& don't forget the elephant sculpture by Bharti Kher (I've posted it twice already, so you can just follow the link here)

I was really happy on Sunday when I saw that Ganesh was a part of the Amazing Race challenges. Okay, so I am hooked on that show- we watch it with my father-in-law every Sunday night. The teams were in India and one of the detours was to paint the sculpture of Ganesh and decorate it using gold garb! This is a photo of my favorite team (go Kent and Vyxen!) painting their statue:

See you tomorrow!
-Katie B

EDIT- The lovely Elizabeth D sent me a suggestion to include elephants making art! Yes, they actually paint these! Here's the images! Thanks, E!

Good Enough to Eat by elephant Prathida

Perpetual Motion by elephant Kaew

Folk Dancers by elephant Kaew

They're Building Over There by elephant Wanalee

the elephants in action!

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  1. Anonymous31.3.11

    To go along with the idea of the snails making the art, I had to share this link of elephants making art! I Googled some more and found an elephant that paints pictures of elephants.