Tuesday, March 22, 2011

food for thought?

Hi, coo! No, haiku! (a little joke to brighten my day)
I want to write haiku about my art supplies today! A haiku is a poem that is three lines- the first line is 5 syllables, the second line is 7 syllables, and the last line is 5 syllables. Read on and see some websites that have caught my eye, as well as some artists, then post your own haiku in the form of a comment!

glue gun makes me beam
best four dollars i have spent
fixes what's broken.

paint brush is my friend
bristles create strawy lines
smell of paint is calm.

needle nose pliers
open, close, fasten again
keep you in my purse.

sketchbook keeps me sane
use it when trying to think
i doodle and draw.

tchotchkes box is kitsch
funky things all in one place
inspiration time!

(i want to take photographs of these objects for this post- maybe i will update later... ?)

I was googling images from North by Northwest for this post and I found this AMAZING blog about houses and interior design- Hooked on Houses features homes made for movies, celebrity houses (okay, not so excited about that one), and other noteworthy interiors! Check it out! (the awesomest posts I've found so far are Dita Von Teese, the house from the movie Practical Magic, and the AMAZING house from Meet the Fockers, AKA my dream home!)

The house from Meet the Fockers-

On Yahoo sometime last week, they featured a cookbook with an outrageous price of $625 American whoppers. Okay, well Amazon actually has it on sale for $461... Anywho, the images in it are absolutely stunning and are made/taken without photomanipulation-

Artist Elsa Mora has also made a Frida Kahlo altar (you can view my humble masterpiece here), the only difference is that Mora's shows Frida at home-

Artists today are...

Alexandra Eldridge-
"In her practice, Eldridge aims to bring to light the inherent value in all things: ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary.’ She embraces contradictions, because she believes that painting should parallel the movement of the psyche. Reason has no place in art, she says." (via ArtistADay)

Julia Estelle Allen
is a UGA student who has a small exhibit up on the 3rd floor of the Lamar Dodd School building currently. She takes some beautiful photographs of everyday things- they appear to be snapshots but I think they're actually about aesthetics. You can view her Tumblr here

an installation artist who makes wonderful, whimsical ceramic creations (okay, the first one isn't ceramic...)

I found this via Treehouse's Tumblr, and it excites me! Hooray for paper arts! (& ART- if you're reading this, we're making the suitcase city!)

A possible extension of this suitcase city would be an idea I got from Home Cheap Home, one of my all time favorite books! (I wrote about it here) What if you combined the city with this little contraption- an artwork that is also functional?

Post your haiku! See you tomorrow!
-Katie B


  1. Anonymous23.3.11

    I would love to do that!
    I also feel worried for Mr. lion on the tube there! Someone help him!

    -Also- L-O-V-E art that is psyche inspired!(eldridge)


  2. Anonymous24.3.11

    Bat punch is my chomp
    Use it on every papercraft
    Will cry when breaks.

    How did I do ;) Amanda Watson