Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love a mystery!

I love a good murder. Murder mystery, that is. Bahaha. I love to read my Christie books each summer and try to figure out whodunit. One thing I really, really love is murder mystery dinner theaters. Lucky for me that Albert reserved us tickets for Agatha's in Atlanta on Saturday. ART & her husband are coming too. This is going to be great!

I want to dress up, but can't come up with anything better than my "Nancy Drew" outfit: A white shirt with a cardigan, a tan plaid skirt with a matching plaid gold locket. I might make an ornate hairpiece with a cameo just for the occasion. In fact, I am going to do just that.

Speaking of hairpieces, I finally found my air-dry clay and I put together this beauty:

I got the idea at Panda's birthday party a few weeks ago. I took the plastic grass/seaweed/whatever it is home with me with the intention of making these. I came up with a great idea yesterday and trucked over to Hobby Lobby: I used a cheap coral colored fabric to make the "ginger". It was a lot of fun to make. I have a few more to put together :)

When we were geocaching last weekend, I found my dream house. It is a cute little house situated right next to a park. All of the houses in the neighborhood were so cute and quaint, but this one took the cake:

Okay, so I snapped the photo as we were driving by, but squint your eyes and you get the idea! :)

I also made a thank you card for a friend of mine for having us over for lunch last Sunday-

She just bought a Crossfire so I drew it for her! :)

This is my green inspiration corner on my desk:

I don't know if y'all remember the post about Danny Mansmith, but my mom liked his necklaces so much that she bought one! He decorated the box he sent it in! Take a peek:

(^those^ are paper cutouts, btw! ornate, right?!)

He also included a cute lil pin as a bonus gift, which she gave to me:

This girl in my Monday/Tuesday night class has really been inspiring me with her Tumblr blog and how she constantly draws in her sketchbook! Take a peek at the blog when you get a chance. She takes some AMAZING photographs!

Also, a boy from my Wednesday night class had the following artwork displayed beautifully in the arts building:

I love the story behind it. If you want to try and crack the code, read about Daruma dolls. Isn't it fantastic?! (sorry about the comment box next to Squidward; I obviously pulled this from facebook)

A few more things- First, my mom e-mailed me this AWESOME rug by Angela Adams design (link embedded in image) I wouldn't be surprised to come home in a few weeks and see this in their living room.

Also notable is BubbleTree tents which use an air blower to inflate. They're kind of impractical because they cost 9-17k a piece! Wouldn't it be cool to sit in one of these in the middle of the woods and watch everything go by? Most animals probably wouldn't come within 30 feet of these objects, but still... fun to think about...

What do you think?

A lot of people at UGA have told me that they're interested in learning how to cast resin. I'm so excited that there's so much enthusiasm about learning this skill!!! Here's some photos of latex molds that are still in the process of drying or have been taken apart already:

^The object that was covered in liquid latex and the mold that the latex made when it dried^

I know it doesn't look so delicious right now, but the end product is absolutely beautiful!
See you tomorrow!

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