Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'm hooked on a feeling!

Totem #8 by Alain Delorme, 2011

Albert is on Spring Break this week and has been visiting me in Athens for the past few days. We watched Annie Hall (Woody Allen movie) a few days ago and Citizen Kane last night. Annie Hall was okay, I don't know if I'd see it again, but I loved Citizen Kane! We've been wikipedia-ing it all day & found that the story is based on a real person who actually owned a "castle" mansion and here are some images:

The place is called Hearst Castle and he filled it up with artwork and loads of other stuff. He actually bought fancy rooms from Europe and had them shipped into his home. He collected tons of greek artwork and this snapshot of his pool is an actual ancient Roman facade that he bought and had shipped to his home in California:

an indoor pool^
hand painted archways & beautiful, unique interiors^
(images/info via wikipedia)

Artist Alain Delorme had a feature on NPR's website a few days ago and I fell in love with his photography (which is made using photoshop techniques). His recent work are these surreal images of things stacked really, really high:

His past work are these really freaky portraits of very young children that are over sexualized:

I fell in love with the work of Leo Sewell when I saw a sculpture of his for the first time at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore last year... I know that everyone is going to love this. Have you ever heard of upcycling?

Tonight in class we had one of the founders of Literacyhead come visit us and she showed us some really beautiful, creative artists. If you are a teacher, the Literacyhead website is an excellent resource for interdisciplinary projects and inspiration in general. Here are some of the artists that she introduced to us:

Judy Kaufmann [who reminds me a lot of Olle Eksell]-

Hope everyone takes advantage of the beautiful day!
If you can, go outside and get some geocaches!
-Katie B

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