Friday, March 18, 2011

let art into your heart!

Let Art Into Your Heart, Acrylic/MM on Canvas by Katie Bush 2011

today was a rare art day with ART so i woke up early and trucked the almost hour long trek to visit her!

she got the idea to make these terrific, creative, "daydream" necklaces from something she saw online:

^One of ART's three kitty cat necklaces. the other 2 were made after this. no pics :(

^"Cow parade!" her cute little cow with the big bow!

^Professor VonFurrybottom was my second attempt. He turned into a cat imitating the likes of Mr. Peanut. He is a cool necklace!

^this was my first animal. there is a padlock attached to the top with a blue feather hanging off, but you can't tell from this picture

later, we sketched in marietta square and painted pottery for her birthday party!
as per request of the hubby, this is what we made (he helped! :)

^the front of the plate is our wedding cake- painted just like the actual cake! i pulled the image from facebook on my iphone and kept turning it on to make sure I was doing it right! Click on the image to see it larger/more detailed!

^the back is a light teal design with dark teal accents and I painted our wedding rings in the middle with our initials!

speaking of ART's birthday, i finally get to reveal my top secret project that i've been working on for the past six weeks...
her birthday present! a painting!

^the design i made is of ART, based on the style of Helen Dardik. I love that the frame is customized for the painting because the skirt, banner, arm, and letter "T" spill out onto it! the side of the frame is light blue and there are rhinestones on each corner. There is also iridescent white glitter loosely painted on top of the red part of the frame. The lettering has irid glitter, too, and the pennants are filled with purple glitter glue applied like paint!

^the snail on her hand is mischievous & even has a sneaky little mustache!

^ART is even wearing her teeny skull necklace!

^i used a clear acrylic glaze on the background to give it texture but without taking away from the final piece. the swirl texture was gorgeous!

i enjoyed myself so much today that i'm visiting ART again tomorrow!
see you then!
-Katie B

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