Tuesday, March 8, 2011

more fun than you can shake a painted stick at.

i never realized how difficult it is for me to stick to something. examples: inspiration friday. i think that this only stuck for two blog posts. also, my resolution to post photos at the end of each post lasted just a few days, too.

the past week's crafting has been disastrous. i have failed at possibly three or four attempts to make things. it all revolves around two charm bracelets, now dubbed the "unlucky bracelets". my goal was to have them finished by saturday to give to ART/myself for the murder mystery dinner. this did not pan out. in a matter of seconds, i ruined 7 latex molds that took me days to create. see?! unluckiness!

one of the unlucky bracelets^

i did draw one of the bracelets in class last night.

i really enjoy my monday/tuesday classes. one girl that's in both of those classes really inspires me. she inspired me to make those Thiebaud cards i posted about a while ago. she's inspired me to keep up with my tumblr. she posts some beautiful images on her blog, most of which she takes herself. i can tell that we are going to be good friends.

yesterday i accidentally found the work of Aussie Howard Arkley. his work reminds me of paint by numbers or the Simpsons. i think you will enjoy this:

Next up are some beautiful painted sticks by Ginette Lapalme-

this would be such a fun project with older elementary students! ^

& that's it for today! i just upgraded to lightroom 3 and i'm playing around with the blur tool. fun!!! see you tomorrow!
-katie b

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