Thursday, March 10, 2011

packin it up!

yesterday i bought some beautiful felt balls to use as beads from Treehouse Kid & Craft!

i am in the process of packing up the car for spring break in atlanta. i am bringing home all of my crafts! no joke, this is how packing went...

i gathered all the knitting off of my bed,

i picked up all the paints off the floor,

i took all of my paintbrushes out of the toothbrush holder,

i cleared off my desk and put it all in a bag,

and i crammed all of that into one laundry basket that will fit in my trunk.
it's going to be a long ride home!

lucky you, here's some art to keep you company!

the unique photography of Nicola Kuperus:

Artist Robert Gniewek creates photorealistic paintings of things with lights- like a diner, a movie theatre... even the fabulous fox!

& lastly I want to share the art of Mickalene Thomas, who I have loved for many years!

her use of pattern and color is really amazing! & she always paints african-american women. beauty!

-katie b

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