Tuesday, March 29, 2011

part deux!

third post's the charm, right? i have a few more things that i wanted to post about earlier today:

Kevin Reese's School Sculptures is, for him, a profitable business... and for me, well, it's mydream job. Kevin visits schools that will shell out the cash to have him there, and he helps students collaboratively create Calder-esque mobiles that are absolutely stunning! Seriously, though- Any dedicated art teacher could make these with their students. It's all about effort, people!

This is an AMAZING article called "Art and Isaac Netwon". Consider it on par with a crash course in art history, though the entire thing is only three paragraphs long. It was a treat to read.

I fell in love with these cute little mushrooms that I saw on Etsy- too bad they're sold out! Imagine how many uses you could make for these little tchotchkes!

Last weekend was my last visit to the craft store until May. The goal is to try and use materials that I already have. So, imagine my glee when I found these little knick knacks ("Boyfriend in a Bottle") on Etsy tonight! I already have all the materials! Yay for me! I get to keep my $11.99!

Okay, now I'm officially done for the night!
-Katie B

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