Sunday, March 20, 2011

que lindo!

hi all!

craft day no. 2 with ART was productive yesterday! we made some more of those animal necklaces and were going to make some of the Banksy inspired rocks, but just didn't have enough time.

however, last night was my dad's birthday (sheesh! so many bdays this week!) & we surprised him with a cake at Mexico Lindo! albert & i got him a UGA t-shirt (it's his alma mater, too!) & had the marquis at the restaurant changed to celebrate his and another trivia teammate's birthday (whose birthday was on wednesday but decidedly kept it a secret until everyone left from trivia on thursday... long story) anyhow, here's a smidgeon of photos:

^dad doesn't know what to do with the shot they gave him for his birthday
^dad eating his ice cream cake!
^the cake! nobody thought of taking a photo of it before cutting it up...
^the marquis at lindo for their birthdays

this morning i drove to duluth (way out of the way) to get assistance with stuffing my wedding dress into a cardboard box and shipping it off to have it "preserved". i couldn't do it myself, as the dress is a beast, and so i had to have one of the people at david's bridal help me out. i can't believe we got it into a tiny box!

since i don't have any new photos (boo!) to post, i looked up some artists to post about their work:

-Catherine Murphy and her photorealistic paintings... she's a professor at Yale & has tons of awards that it's almost sickening! and YES, these are all oil on canvas!

-Myrtice West was a folk artist whose work reminds me a lot of Howard Finster...

- The work of Panni Malekzadeh are striking yet fluffy, and make bold statements about childhood and innocence:

& that's it for today!
see you tomorrow!
-Katie B

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  1. Anonymous20.3.11

    As you might have guessed...I LOVE West's art! The coolest!