Monday, March 14, 2011

r&r doesn't exist!

good lord i have been busy for the past few days! i hope to begin posting daily again since this is spring break and i should be relaxing... right?

saturday i woke up (w/ like 6 hours of sleep or less) and albert (who got less sleep than i did) drove me all the way to Acworth to visit my friend (Marcie) because it was her daughter's 14th birthday party! we spent the entire day having a ton of fun, running around Kennesaw doing errands in mustaches, chewing on these nasty licorice gumballs to see who could get the blackest teeth. It was awesome!

I ended up doing the hair and makeup for Marcie's daughter (my goddaughter!) & her friend, then I snapped some photos:

Marcie arranged to have the Furbus surprise all the kids and it took us downtown to see all the hotspots in Atlanta. It was fantabulous! This is certainly a birthday KRo will remember forever!

Sunday, we woke up really late and I spent 3 or 4 hours editing the images from the birthday party. I took a bunch of funky photos using the flash but with a prolonged shutter speed so that it would take in all of the lights on the Furbus, and when I moved the lens it created patterns with the lights. Take a look:

Today we woke up and meditated and the day got off to a great start. I got to run a bunch of errands this morning, replenishing my resin collection for a mere $12 (thank you, Hobby Lobby coupons!) and doing a lot of work on the house. The garage is virtually spotless. I even washed my car today! & I made delicious apple fajitas for dinner. :)

I made some new latex molds that are curing right now & I repaired a few damaged ones from the last casting. I'm even finishing the murder mystery charm bracelets this afternoon, I just have to wait for another layer of paint to dry. I am starting a brand new painting, the first one that I've made for myself in a really long time. It's going to be a gnome!

Ultimately, crafting today was playing catchup from the past few weeks. Tomorrow, I hope to begin working on items for my Etsy shop. We'll see how that goes!

Until then!
-Katie B

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