Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snail Art!

Today's theme is snail art! I had a lot of fun putting this post together! This post was inspired by ART's love for snails. She's a person who constantly inspires me, so I hope that this returns the favor!

2008 was the birth of The Golden Mean, "a giant Jules Verne hot rod snail car" built at Form and Reform in California. It's made from a 1966 VW Bug!

The antennae shoot fire!

At the end of last year, the Cracking Art Group (a collaborative artist group) did another neon-animal installation, this time in Miami. The project was sponsored by Galleria Ca D'Oro & the installation traveled from city to city.

These neon pink snails were in the city for about six weeks, beginning November 15. There were 26 large snails and 20 smaller snails (some of them up to 8 feet tall!) scattered along Miami Beach's roads, to the purpose of raising eco-awareness; they are made completely from recycled materials! The snail is a slow creature, so CAG wanted people to think about slowing things down a bit and taking care of our planet. Added bonus? Some of them lit up at night, too!

Someone from at blog Filthy Wizardry used food coloring and snails to create a colorful artwork. No snails were apparently harmed in this project:

Etsy seller Furrdesigns (aka Danielle Sepanik) has a lot of different snail prints for sale (a steal at $12 apiece!) The images are crisp and eye-catching. I wouldn't mind having one of these:

London street artist Slinkachu has done a work called "Inner City Snail- A Slow Moving Street Art Project" in which he graffitis shells of snails around the city.

& I'm gonna wrap it up with two snail paintings:

Vivid Gastropoda by May Ann Licudine
If these haven't given you much inspiration, you can view a huge Flickr stream of snail art here.
See you tomorrow!
-Katie B

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