Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a waterfall on pause & other phenomena

again, a day set aside for crafting became a huge cleaning project. i am so disappointed that i've only had a few hours out of the past few days to do any crafting. i'm really looking forward to an art day with ART on friday. i deserve it!

since i don't have much to show (just this necklace that I gave KRo for her birthday at the party on Saturday), i want to post about some artists that are in my "to google" book.

her middle name is Rose, so i cast a cameo-style rose for her out of resin, painted it, and then attached it to this locket. Marcie told me that she loves angel wings, so i attached one on either side of the middle locket.

the clasp is a lock and key

this is my favorite part- the tag next to the lock.

i googled "art trivia" 'cause i'm pumped about doing trivia tomorrow for the first time since i began grad school, and i found this work by Andy Brown. it's queen elizabeth made out of 1,000 used tea bags!

next up is the art of Pae White, which is hard to describe but understood when you see it for yourself:

i especially fell in love with a photograph of Carsten Holler's Upside Down when i saw it in a magazine:

adding to my papercutting fetish, the work of Beatrice Coron has caught my attention-

Lastly is the work of Jason Karolak, which are painted by hand but look like something done on a computer or something. Some articles on his work have suggested that his artworks try to force a visual experience that blends into other ones. What do you think?

see you tomorrow!
-Katie B

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