Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cat Art!

It's no secret that Americans love their pets. Actually, more and more people are giving their pets human names than ever before! My precious ball of fluff, Eva (named after a variation of the Spanish word for snow), is one of the things that I love most in my life. Today, this post is dedicated to all the little purritos out there that bring love and joy to your families!

The ancient Egyptians used to regard cats as a sacred representation of the goddess, Bastet. Egyptians were actually the first to domesticate cats, to help with mouse problems. This sculpture actually held the remains of a cat. Cool.

One of the most recognizable cat works is Le Chat Noir, an art nouveau poster from France that advertised a cabaret. The poster was designed in 1896 by Theophile Steinlen.

One of my favorite paintings by David Hockney features a fancy feline. It's called "Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy".

Lucian Freud, who works with thick paint (impasto) like Van Gogh did, did a painting called "Girl with a Kitten" in 1947.

Chinese artist Qiu Jie creates large scale artwork. He works with lead (!) to create comical recreations of Chairman Mao (which means "Cat" in Chinese).

Susan Herbert recreates famous paintings, but puts a cat face in place of the people! Too cool!

Melinda Josie creates whimsical paintings [gouache?] of fantastic felines:

Louis Wain was an artist who suffered from schizophrenia. You can tell by his later artwork, which is really colorful and dynamic:

Vikki Hart takes photos of cute animals to sell as prints. Okay, so it's really cheesy, but these type of people are still artists, right?

Richard Stacks also takes cheesy cat images for prints. Again, cheesy, but absolutely adorable! If I could time warp back to third grade, I would buy a binder with these kitties on it!

Lastly, don't forget about Sandy Skoglund's radioactive cats. These are my favorite!

& that's about all I have patience for today. See you tomorrow!


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    Why does that one guy work with lead and WHY is that lady's sweater so small?!?!???? (In the painting with the cat chasing the lady.)


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