Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day of the Dead Artwork!

Day of the Dead is half a year away and I am just too excited about the festivities for 2011 that I can't contain myself! Today's post is dedicated to Day of the Dead artwork! Me encanta dia de los muertos!

Primera, I find it appropriate to appreciate (how's that for alliteration?) how much DotD has been assimilated into tattoo culture. About a month ago, I was in the waiting room of a tattoo parlor (to have my nose ring changed) and this guy showed me some of his tattoo magazines and I was surprised to see how many sugar skulls were in there. He proceeded to explain that it was a popular theme for tattoos over the past few years:

Segunda, I want to introduce to you some artists who have created Day of the Dead artwork (and be forewarned, the photography can start to blur together):

Tercera, I have some images that don't have a source:

& that's it! Commence the countdown!
-Katie B


  1. the inner nerd in me is super excited about day of the dead star wars. Love me some boba fett sugar skulls!

  2. So cute! thanks for sharing.

  3. This tattoo, popular, loved by the young

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