Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gift ideas for art teachers!

Yeah... Art teacher Barbie does exist.

It is so hard to find presents for quirky people. Today's post is dedicated to some rocking things that [most] art teachers would love to own! Note that if you are a student looking for a gift for your teacher, a ring is probably not appropriate. I suggest that you build a time machine, warp back to 1910, and give her an apple. Let's get rollin'!

1. Crayon Rocks
These rocks absolutely rock! For $8, you get 16 rocks in a cool leprechaun-y bag. They're also doubly awesome because they're made from soy and are eco-friendly! Sold by Green Mom Place.

2. Sterling Silver Box Ring
Okay, so they're marketed as "prayer" rings, but it's so simple and intricate at the same time that it's just absolutely awesome! Rings are available in size 6 or 8 from Fire Mountain Gems for $45.

3. Dinosaur Planter
Rawr! These handcut planters are small, lightweight, and can hold a cactus! You can find them on Etsy in the $20 range. To save a lot of $$, you can head over to the dollar store, buy a dinosaur figurine (Michael's Craft Stores often has them in their dollar section, too), spray paint it with a solid color, use a box cutter to open a hole in its' back, and slap a cactus in there. Voila! A $1 handmade gift! (assuming you have spray paint, a box cutter, and a cactus laying around. I don't know about y'all, but I do.)

4. Yudu Screen Printing Kit
You can get a complete, DIY screen printing kit for $200. Or, you can save your $200 and use my instructions for screen printing here! Yudu at Walmart!

5. Greek Bust Inspired Aphrodite USB Hub
If your teacher's a little older or just has a fascination with ancient things, this USB hub is a great way to update them to the modern world. For $38, it's a little steep, but it's the art you're paying for, right? Offered from Fred Flare.

6. Instant Masterpiece
Got family coming over for dinner? Think the place looks empty? This plastic frame is inflatable with a little slot for you to cram your latest doodle into. Que fantastico! You've transformed your house into a gallery. Make sure you charge admission! $9 at B5+10.

7. Apple for Teacher
I wasn't kidding when I suggested the time machine. But, just in case if you don't have that kind of time to invest in such a worthless [?] venture, you can always shell out $3 for an apple made of post-it notes! In my experience, art teachers love office supplies. Get these from Pretty Impress.

8. Laptop Skin
These are pretty cool. An art teacher friend of mine has the Mona Lisa skin on her laptop, and I've been eyeing Hokusai for my own. For $20 and up, you can buy a piece of artwork that will protect your teacher's most prized possession. Find them at Gelaskins or Schtickers.

9. Zen Garden
Your teacher needs this. Trust me. After chasing you kids around all day, you teacher will want to get lost in his or her creative thoughts by raking the sand and meditating. $11 at Verdugo Gift Company through Amazon.

10. The Andy Warhol Inspiration Kit Box
Everyone's favorite pop artist can sit on your teacher's desk all day, staring. This little kit comes with a cool little stand, a cool little book on Warhol, and cool little stickers. $17 through The Warhol Store.

11. Hot Shot! Camera Ring
Any art teacher (that's a woman) would love to own this cute little ring! And at $12, you should make that dream come true! From Fred Flare.

12. Salvador Dali Watch
Tick tock, tick tock, Dali's moustache moves around the watch face as the big and little hands. The ant monitors the seconds. This is awesome and is a steal (or a surr-steal?) for $30! At Future Memories through Amazon.

13. Rainbow in my Room
A $45 investment in a lifetime of color. This plastic doodad is a rainbow in a machine. Brighten up your teacher's day! By Urban Outfitters.

14. Rainbow Umbrella
What better way to scream "color theory!" than to sport a cool rainbow umbrella? Or, if you have a busted up rainbow umbrella, you can upcycle it to a whimsical skirt. Me likey! Umbrella from Kohls.

15. George Nelson Ball Clock

Channel your inner modernist with this rad, retro ball clock! If your art teacher has never heard about George Nelson, help them get with the times with this awesome book, too! Clock is various prices, but sometimes you can find it at TJMaxx for under $20.

Other things you can never go wrong with are snacks for the desk, a hand made drawing, or a pet rock. Be creative!

ALSO, for those of you who will be in Athens this weekend, the Raindrop Handmade Artist Market will be held at Treehouse Kid & Craft off of Broad Street (Between Milledge and downtown) from 10-5! I'll be managing a drop in table for kiddos between 2-4, so drop off your little ones (whether they exist or not!) and we'll paint [locally made] birdhouses while you shop local crafts! See you there!

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  1. Anonymous28.4.11

    I ALSO have that exact same Dali watch. Love it!

    I would also love to have that dino planter...or make I see an art day in our future?