Friday, April 1, 2011

iPhone Masterpieces!

It's old news that technology has impacted our daily lives. But how has it affected the way we make art? Today, I'm going to introduce to you artists who have created work via the iPhone! For those of you who live in a cave, you can download apps for the iPhone that do funky photomanipulation techniques. Once you snap the image, you can immediately mess with it, changing contrast, colors, and all other sorts of things.

iphone photos by Tony Sweet

One of this century's most notable painters and photo collagers, pop artist David Hockney, has created "paintings" using the Brushes App ($4.99) on the iPhone and iPad:

Documentary filmmaker Adrian Mihai took some interesting iPhone snapshots of New York:

& Jorge Colombo generated a lot of buzz a couple of years ago when he "painted" a cover for the New Yorker on his iPhone. You can view it and other works by Colombo below:

I made an update in the Elephant Art post- Gah! Why didn't I think about posting elephants making art?! View the post here!

See you tomorrow!
-Katie B

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