Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spotlight: Catalina Estrada

I first found Catalina Estrada in the clearance section at a Homegoods. Actually, what I found was a tote bag with two siamese cats on it that was a-freakin-dorable! Estrada does graphic designs for Blue Q, the company who makes the bag, as well as other companies that seek her out (including Coca-Cola, Nike, and Honda just to name a few). You can get free backgrounds by Estrada for your iphone if you have the Gelaskins App.

Estrada is a Colombian artist who identifies with the Pop Surrealist group (a contemporary group that is considered underground in the art world). She creates all of her work on the computer (obviously) and uses bright, fresh patterns to enhance the subjects, which are usually animals, but are sometimes humans.

Estrada has done a lot of product design, too-
accent pillows a la estrada so you can have a seizure while watching the tube
a laptop protector that is both adorable and functional!
a cute lunchbox to take to school
the tote baga funky umbrella to go with your really fancy Catalina Estrada patterened outfit-

or a not so fancy outfit, but a really kitschy one-

the ultimate art teacher outfit!

Viva la inspiracion!
-Katie B

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