Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spotlight: Laura Bell

Laura Bell was one of my professors at Kennesaw State University maybe 3 or 4 years ago. She was a really great teacher, though she had to go on maternity leave towards the end of the semester, so our classes kind of went downhill from there. She is a really talented artist and I really want to share her work with everyone!

She has done work with drawing, painting, and printmaking, all of which you can view here at her website. She also keeps a blog with her husband, Matt Haffner, a photography professor at KSU.

Her ethereal compositions feel organic and organized, which makes them aesthetically pleasing. There's something almost spiritual about her work. It's hard to describe her work if you've never seen it before. I like what she had to say about her work via Artist a Day: "The repeating marks and forms are derived from patterns of repetition found in biological systems, as well as by the regularity and repetition found in computer generated fractals and lace patterns. While the images are built on symmetrical and orderly forms, the drawings evolve and develop into a semi-chaotic tangle of ropy vines, bulbous growths, and spiky creatures. This rampant growth could recall the enchanted, yet sinister world of a child’s fairy tale, the strange and unsettling beauty of deep-sea life, or the mutation of a cellular structure by a virus or disease. The delicate intricacy in the drawn and painted marks lures one in for a more intimate experience, and presents a dream-like, interior world populated by forms that are both familiar and mysterious."

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