Thursday, April 7, 2011

STANDING OUT (art using body paint)

Be sure to do a double-take for all of these images... Things might not be what they seem!

Emma Hack
Hack's work reminds me of that wallpaper scene from Garden State:

A New Orleans artist who spends 9 or more hours at a time painting a single volunteer to be his subject. These ones were the most challenging for my eyes to adjust to, especially the cheetah:

I found her book Paint-A-Licious in a model home maybe four or five years ago when Street of Dreams was in Douglasville, GA. I bought it soon after and it's been a treat to crack open every once in a while. Apparently she does some big gigs now, including painting Heidi Klum for Sports Illustrated, Madonna's latest album cover, and some other high-profile works:

Meade takes things in a completely different direction from the other 3 artists featured in this post. She creates spaces for her subjects to inhabit and paints them using an impressionist style:

side view
front view
artist with the subject
self portrait

Bolin was featured on the Yahoo! front page a few weeks ago, and now NPR has done a segment on him, too. He's a Chinese artist that does some amazing body art, all in an attempt to blend in:


  1. I too put on some body paint, it went on easily and came off very easily too, with just a little soap and water. The only thing that I could not see if it would stick in the rain.