Thursday, April 7, 2011

things i ♥

These are a few of my favorite things...

Erin Tyner is selling some beautiful, miniature photographs starting at 25$-

The Nature of Existence, a documentary film that I watched last week on life and it's big questions. It's true that I've finally started thinking about religion again. I really enjoyed this film because it was a sampler of a lot of different ideas, including some that I had never heard of. This guy went all over the world and talked to so many different people with different views- He interviewed astrophysicists, religious leaders, leaders of gay christian churches, he even came to Athens to interview a church here about their "religious wrestling"-- As in, this is not a joke, they pretend wrestle each other in a ring and always end with a religious message. Okay, a little gimmicky, but interesting. See it!

Cartbeforethehorse on etsy is selling a hand made Day of the Dead doll with wooden arms. I love this thing!

A few years ago, I was in Virginia and took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Chrysler Museum of Art. If you can go, go. It is a wonderful collection of art from around the world and had a lot of people that I had never heard of in it! One of them would be Res and Constanza Piaggio. In the Renaissance art wing, I was struck by a humongous photograph that was a mimicry of DaVinci's Lady with an Ermine (which has since become one of my favorite paintings ever!) It looked like this:

(the original is below, so you can compare:)

Seeing the photograph in such a large scale literally left me breathless. I couldn't stop looking at it and I almost wanted to cry. It's beautiful. If you're interested in artists who recreate, adapt, and change famous paintings into modern photography, you might want to look into Yasumasa Morimura (below)

after Kahlo

after Duchamp

after Vermeer

the autumnal necklace from TheBlackSpotBooks on etsy. it can be yours for a low, one-time price of $375! the concept is pretty cool, but this just seems so impractical and just too chunky. regardless, i think this would be fun to make myself... for under $20.

Also, The Daily Telecraft has been featured in a blog post for Elephant in the Room Cards! I'm so glad that Sharon over there was so inspired by our Elephant post! Thank you!

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