Tuesday, April 12, 2011

venus and mars

I never realized how much Sandro Botticelli was a hippie until class tonight. I brought my Usborne book with me and paged through it, discovering that I do have a love for art that was made before the 20th century.

One artwork that especially stood out to me was Botticelli's Venus and Mars, a painting from the Italian Renaissance (think 16th century)-

It shows Venus (who is apparently missing a leg) lounging next to a snoozing Mars while four cherub playfully try to wake the unbudging Mars. It's hinted that Venus had the cherub take away his armor (since the one on the bottom right has it on and he is completely exposed), showing that love always prevails over war. Who knew?

I also wanted to point out that this Venus is assumedly the same from the Birth of Venus painting. Back then, this was the ideal woman; a blonde with a normal sized body, thin lips and a little button nose. Fashion and art have always had a close connection, it seems.

Good night,
-Katie B

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