Sunday, April 10, 2011

your name in lights: neon arts & personal narrative

San Fran based artists Meryl Pataky creates work that deals with personal narrative (a popular subject in the current secondary art classroom). Pataky says that "We are all molds that are filled with different substances. These are a delicate blend of our paths, experiences, beliefs and interactions that form our being." (source: Artist a Day)

Ron Terada also dabbles in neon as well as light artworks that deal with narratives:

The work of self-loathing neon artist and founder of Paintallica, Dan Attoe:

In one of my art history survey courses as an undergrad, we came across this particular conceptual artwork (from 1967) by Bruce Nauman many times:

Ransom Note by Jeremy Bert:

I Promise to Love You by Tracey Emin, 2007:

& lastly is the functional artwork (aka furniture) of Lee Broom:

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