Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spotlight: Subodh Gupta

Step aside Jeff Koons! There's a shinier man in town! Subodh Gupta is a jack of all trades. He creates massive, shiny sculptures, out of what appears to be trash. It's not trash, though- he uses items from daily Indian life to create his work (for example, bicycles or shiny "tiffin" lunch boxes). He created a 3-dimensional bust of Duchamp's famous L.H.O.O.Q. (and wittily titled it, "Et tu Duchamp?"). He also makes some gorgeous oil paintings, creates videos, and does performance art.

Gupta is based in New Delhi, India. Much of his work nods towards the dada artists (like Duchamp). This is evident in the titles, which are often double entendres. His most recent paintings were a series called "Still steal steel" showed shiny kitchen items falling in space. If you have ever painted before, you know how difficult it is to a) capture light on a shiny object when painting and b) create a realistic sense of movement.

Much of Gupta's work focuses on kitchen items and items used daily by the people of India. He believes that the kitchen is similar to a religious space. This odd comparison is evident in his artwork.

Lastly, Gupta is married to artist Bharti Kher, who creates her own [arguably more inspiring] artwork! I wonder if these two have ever worked collaboratively?

You can view Subodh Gupta's Artnet profile here. Subodh Gupta is represented by The Saatchi Gallery. You can learn more about the contemporary artwork of India here.

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