Saturday, June 11, 2011

Child Art Prodigies

The following are mini profiles and images of work by child prodigies in art from all over the world. These artists have caused quite a stir in the media over recent years.

Aelita Andre, who is currently 4, lives in Australia with her parents who are both artists. Her work was recently chosen for a New York gallery show, some selling for five figures! Her work has been compared to Abstract Expressionists.

Aelita at age 2

a work from age 2

Marla Olmstead gained notoriety in 2005, at age 5, when she made multiple television appearances. Some have claimed that her work was created with the help of her father. There was a documentary about her released in 2007 called My Kid Could Paint That. She is now 11. Her work is compared to Abstract Art.

a work at age 8

A few years ago, when I used Stumbleupon religiously, I found the website of Akiane Kramarik. I'll be completely honest when I say that it was more than a little creepy- the way they described this young girl and the way they incorporated religion into everything. Akiane, who is now 16, created some amazing artwork at a young age. Regardless of her Christian-themed artwork of the past [almost] decade, she should still be commended for her excellent visual creations.

Age 5-

Age 8-

Age 9-

Age 10-
Age 11-
Age 12-
Age 14-
Age 15-Age 16-

Kieron Williamson is an 11 year old from England. At age 8, he gained a lot of attention for his artwork, many of which sold for large sums. His work closely resembles impressionists, thoguh he works mainly in watercolors.

You can learn more about Aelita Andre here. Each of the artists' websites are linked in their name.

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