Monday, June 20, 2011

Craft Room Inspiration

*UPDATED on 9/14- Craft rooms found via Pinterest!* Lots of new images to feast your eyes upon! Enjoy!

I have seen some amazing craft room setups online over the past few years. Now's my chance to share my favorites! All of these images have been saved and pulled from various places overtime so I apologize that I can't give the crafters their due credit! Get ready to feast your eyes!


Hannah's workroom, from Made with Love By Hannah-

Amy Sedaris' Craft Room-

Jennifer Perkins (from Naughty Secretary Club)-

Some sterile craft rooms-

Crafting Cabinets-

Craft organization/decoration ideas-

seriously, what crafter only owns a handful of these objects?

(imagine the potential for this thing!)

Finish your tour here by checking out this amazing, inspiring cottage that functions as an artist's studio. Paradise!


  1. Awesome post on craft rooms, tonnes to see and wonderful ideas here! I linked it to my post today on craft rooms as well, for inspiration!!

  2. OH MY GOD...not comments

  3. Thanks for the great inspiration...pinned a few myself