Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learning to Love You More #18- recreate a poster you had as a teenager

the poster that I based my image off of

Artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher began Learning to Love You More in 2002. It was a website that challenged readers to expand their creativity. They posted challenges which readers completed and submitted. The project continued until 2009, having over 8,000 cumulative submissions. In 2010, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art acquired the website to ensure that it would remain active.

Every once in a while, I will take on a challenge from the website and post it on The Daily Telecraft. Today, I completed assignment number 18- Recreate a poster you had as a teenager. The assignment is as follows:

"Remember a poster you had on your wall as a teenager. If necessary, do a little research to help you remember exactly what it looked like. Then recreate it using colored pencils or pens or paint on white paper. Scale it down to make it fit on a regular piece of paper. Next, locate a piece of music that you would have listened to at the time when you had this poster. If you are currently a teenager, just use a poster and piece of music that you have right now."

Start off by playing my song, please! It's "Do It" from the album Spiceworld.

The image I chose was the Spice Girls, who were a big part of my life before I hit teenage years. While the posters when I actually was a teenager were more like Good Charlotte, AFI, and The Used, I still have a soft spot in my heart when I think about girl power!

I started by reminiscing about a girl from my gymnastics class who invited me to her Spice Girls party. I think she was Icelandic or something, and I think her name was Bridgette. Anyhow, I thought it was so lame that she was having a Spice Girls party, so I don't think I dressed up, but her parents rented a limo that blasted the Spice Girls music and everyone danced and acted crazy and we had fun. Needless to say, I had all of the Spice Girls CDs by the end of that weekend.

I began the project by googling around for my favorite poster, which I couldn't find at all. I think it was the girls in front of some kind of blue, glass wall. So I went for the popular image of the 5 girls in front of a glittery Union Jack. I started by sketching them out, then inked it in sharpie, and then I colored it in with markers. Then I did their faces, beginning with Baby Spice's face, which is why it's messed up. All in all, I love this little drawing and it's going to be on the front of my binder for the rest of the semester!

What's pretty awesome about this project is that my parents still have drawings I made of the Spice Girls when I was 9 or 10. For your viewing pleasure, here they are:

And this (drumroll please) is the final product:

I have also taken on Learning to Love You More's challenge number 63!

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