Thursday, June 23, 2011

Learning to Love You More #42- list 5 events from 1984

Artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher began Learning to Love You More in 2002. It was a website that challenged readers to expand their creativity. They posted challenges which readers completed and submitted. The project continued until 2009, having over 8,000 cumulative submissions. In 2010, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art acquired the website to ensure that it would remain active.

Every once in a while, I will take on a challenge from the website and post it on The Daily Telecraft. Today, I completed assignment number 42- List 5 events from 1984. The assignment is as follows:

"List five important things in your 1984. These are things that had a major impact on you during the year 1984. They can be personal, political, cultural, animal or whatever. Each important event should be summarized in one sentence." [I wasn't alive until 5 years later, so I thought of important events beginning from 1984 forward.]

My 5 events:

1984 My husband was conceived

1990 I said my first word, “gee”

1994 A friend of mine peed on the swingset at school

1996 I watched gymnastics at the Olympics

2000 Y2K came and I didn’t die

You can view my attempt at assignment #63 here.

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