Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spotlight: Melissa Ann Pinney

In the vein of Cindy Sherman, photographer Melissa Ann Pinney focuses on female identity in her art. Her artwork strongly reminds me of Sally Mann in the way that her subjects' facial expressions appear and how bodies are sometimes positioned. Pinney's work is mildly autobiographical, reflecting on her upbringing as a Catholic, a woman, one of 8 children, and how she was socialized in these contexts. The following images are selections from her extensive body of work.

Melissa Ann Pinney has done many bodies of work. The following titles are linked to that specific series of work:

Girl Ascending, photographs alluding to the ascension of Mary
White Dress Project, documentation of 8th grade graduation at a Catholic school
Cellar Door Series, a decade of photos of Pinney's daughter in front of the cellar
Society Page, photos of young adults' first social events
Regarding Emma, documenting her daughter's life and girlhood
Sunshine & Other States, optimistic photos from Florida
Pilsen, documenting Chicago's Hispanic neighborhood
Hamlin Park Pool, documenting spontaneous play at a Chicago pool
Chicago Carnivals, do I need to explain?
Street, miscellaneous interesting photos

You can learn more about Melissa Ann Pinney at her website.

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