Tuesday, June 21, 2011

this box is for the birds!

o hai! welcome home! can i take your coat?

This post is WAY overdue, but I want to unveil my masterpiece!

I LOVE birds. I do. When I was in high school, I became obsessed with parakeets and ended up breeding them to sell to pet stores in the town where I lived. I love bird watching. Cardinals are my totem animal, they seem to follow me everywhere!

So, at the end of April, I was making art with kiddos over at Treehouse Kid & Craft. We painted lots of beautiful birdhouses to make an installation outside of the store. It was a blast!

these are our creations drying on the floor at the store
we used various colors of house paint and acrylics to create these.
a lot of kids went home with ruined clothes, but they said it was worth it!

a week later...

The bird houses were graciously donated to the store by Box for the Birds, a local company. I ended up taking a few home with me and spent hours customizing them the way I wanted. The boxes we used were the stereotypical bird house look, but Box for the Birds has an amazing Frank Lloyd Wright style birdhouse that I want!

This is what happened with one of them, and it ended up being my favorite craft project of the year so far!

because every doorstep deserves a gnome.

a garden for the birds to live in

why can't birds have a little flare? these pennant banners were made from an old dishrag

the underside of the birdhouse- i was inspired by my trip to see the button king

the underside of the birdhouse with a beautiful pattern.

the back was the last part I did. I ended up going with eyes. I figure this part wouldn't be seen too much, so I skimped on the detail.

aerial view of the birdhouse!

Yeah, if you don't know who Frank Lloyd Wright is, you should probably click here. Treehouse Kid & Craft is located in downtown, Athens, GA and Box for the Birds can be purchased on Amazon! (they're about $30/ea) Happy crafting!

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  1. Rain8.3.12

    These birdhouse projects are too cute to resist! I could see my new Manila real estate home installed with one of these in the backyard.