Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spotlight: Alma Lopez

Dubbed "Our Lady of Controversy", Alma Lopez creates a wide variety of reactions whenever her artwork is going to be displayed. A self-described Chicana feminist activist artist, Lopez was born on the west coast of Mexico. She has created many colorful, collaborative murals with other artists, many of which focus on racial pride and struggle. Her own digital collages appropriate symbols from Catholicism. For this reason, a 2001 exhibit at the Santa Fe Museum of International Folk Art featuring Lopez's work was controversial, garnering attention to her work in the public sphere. Picketed by devout followers of the Catholic Church, both Lopez and the curator of the exhibition received death threats, resulting in the image's removal from the exhibit.

(the controversial image^)
(her installation art is que magnifico!)
You can learn more about Alma Lopez at her website.

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