Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spotlight: Damien Hirst

You may know Damien Hirst as the guy who sticks rhinestones on skulls and sells it for millions of dollars. He's also known for his formaldehyde animal artworks, which include sharks, horses, sheep, and mythical variations. He's also done some beautiful butterfly prints. Most of Hirst's work is done through art fabrication, where he hires out artists to create his work.

Unlike Jeff Koons, Hirst's artwork is conceptual. Hirst is inspired by Frances Bacon, a 20th century artist whose work focused on dead animals, humans, and death, just like Hirst's own work. Hirst included works by Bacon in a show that he curated in 2006.

Hirst receives a lot of scrutiny and praise. Artist Tracey Emin compares Hirst to be like a contemporary Warhol. The Stuckist art group love to target Hirst in their artworld parodies.

You can learn more about Damien Hirst at his website.

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