Monday, July 4, 2011

Spotlight: Jeff Koons

Easily known as one of the most famous artists of the present day, Jeff Koons has had a love relationship with the art world for the past few decades. His work spans over 3 decades, having first gained notoriety in the 1980s. He is an art fabricator, an artist who chooses to streamline their ideas to other artists who work collectively to see his work come to fruition.

Koons is known for being edgy, creating large, shiny, artistic reproductions of objects for no real reason. An example of this is his gigantic sculpture, Puppy.

In the early 90s, he married an adult film star and created his Made in Heaven series of artworks, focusing on their intimate relationship. These works came under much scrutiny by art critics.

His work often comes under debate by those who either strongly like it or strongly dislike it. Koons himself believes in creating art for arts sake, perpetuating the idea that his work has no real meaning. He is inspired by the Surrealists, especially Dali, whom he met at a hotel in New York when he was a teenager.

Most of his fame comes from the blatant magnitude of his outrageous designs: the larger the sculpture, the larger the notoriety. In 2008, his Magenta Balloon Flower sold for over 25 million dollars, the most a single Koons artwork has ever surmounted.

You can learn more about Koons at his website.

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