Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creative Album Covers

Hi all! I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging so that I could settle into the new house in Atlanta. Things have been super hectic but I've enjoyed all of it.

I spent this past Sunday evening going through thousands of CDs at my parents' house. It inspired me to create a post about my favorite album artwork!

My mom used to keep The Best of Roxy Music in our car all of the time and the cover always fascinated me. The rhinestone fingernails were just so gaudy, yet the feeling of the photograph was so dark that I still remember this image to this day!

Crowded House's Together Alone was in the pile of CDs I went through. The cover was really interesting to me, blending Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism by depicting Jesus, Buddha, and Allah all in a van together. Love it!

The Cure's self titled album from about 5 years ago has always intrigued me. The cover and inside look like it was drawn by a child. The [I'm assuming it's] Robert Smith character on the front is really demonic looking, yet silly. My favorite part of this cover is the heart with the eye and wing. I plan on appropriating this symbol for some art later down the line.

Funeral for a Friend's Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation came up a lot when I did my High School student teaching placement. Rene Magritte did a painting called "The Lovers" which depicted two people with cloth over their heads. It always reminded me of this album!

Not a monumentous post, but I plan on starting the daily posts up again now that school's back in session. Good luck to all my teacher friends!

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