Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spotlight: Taiwo Olaniyi Salau (AKA Prince Twins Seven-Seven)

Last night, Albert and I went to a Nigerian wedding. So many people were wearing such diverse, beautiful, and richly patterned outfits. It was really inspiring!

So, this morning I felt inspired to become acquainted with a Nigerian artist. I found Taiwo Olaniyi Salau. He goes by the monicker "Prince Twins Seven-Seven" since it's easier to remember, but also because he is the only living twin out of a line of seven twins in his family.

He was born in Nigeria in 1944. He passed away last month. Taiwo taught himself how to draw, focusing on the subjects of Yoruba folklore and religious imagery. He also developed what he calls "sculpture painting", where he creates a raised foreground that enhance a 3-d effect.

In 2005, he was UNESCO's Artist for Peace. His work resides in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You can find out more about Prince Twins Seven-Seven here.

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