Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday Artwork!

Happy FIRST Birthday, The Daily Telecraft!
I can't believe that it's been a year since my first post!

Since August 7 of 2010, there have been...
247 posts to TDT...
34,199 page views from people all over the world...
69 comments from people reading the blog...
and 1 art educator who loves creating teacher resources!

The Daily Telecraft began as a blog to document my adventures creating decorations for my wedding last October. Since then, it has evolved into a resource which provides images and biographies about all sorts of artists from all over the world. We even have DIY features and how-tos!

To celebrate our one year anniversary, here are a bunch of artworks that have to do with birthdays!

Vee SpeersUntitled #5, The Birthday Party-

Erika Pochybova Johnson-

Julie Speed's Happy F****** Birthday-

Louise Peabody's The Birthday Girl-

 Holly Andres' Anna's Birthday Party, 3-

 Wolfgang Tillmans' Birthday Party-

 Lee Materazzi's Birthday Cake (Triptych)-

Tom Wesselmann's Birthday Bouquet- Tulips and Daffodils-

Jim Dine's The Orange Birthday Robe

Pauline Lim's It's My GD Birthday-

Marc Chagall (I posted this image on my birthday, too! :)-

If you haven't seen cake wrecks before, you need to check it out! They have some crazy cakes gone wrong! I also did a post on fine art cakes that you can view here. Eat up! Have a terrific day, everyone!
-Katie Bush

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