Saturday, September 10, 2011

Events: The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire

My husband is a student at Georgia Tech and got an e-mail about The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire, hosted on the Tech campus. It was [today] September 10, 2011.

Let me just say that it was AWESOME! There wasn't much variety in the way of DIY crafting, but there was a lot of cool robots.

When you first walk up to the parking lot, this car is waiting for you to write a poem:

The G-Rated Poetry Van, as the sign indicates

Albert's "poem". Oh, math people.

Albert posing with the portrait I drew of him.

Wonderroot represented the Atlanta craft scene with a super cool booth full of crafting items for super cheap. Here's what I snagged for a measly $3-

Four containers, a random earring, an ornate bead with bells, and a dollhouse stove

I've had a strange obsession with little trinket containers lately. I save all of them- tins, pill containers. You never know when you can reuse them! :)

There were LOTS of robots there, too. After all, it is Georgia Tech and we all know that they're big dorks (including the hubby). Here's a photo of me with an R2D2 replica (it talked and all!):

Me with my boy R2

On a scale from 1-10, I give the Faire a 6. It definitely has potential.

There wasn't a good variety of handmade objects that could be bought at a good price. They had metalsmiths selling their wares for hundreds of dollars. They also had maybe four or five crafting booths selling things like bunting necklaces (made of shrinky dinks, no less) and those big plastic buttons (which is easy to make if you know how).

There were so many robots that it was almost overwhelming.

The lady [Colleen Jordan] with the planter necklaces from CraftGawker was there, too:

$30 is a little steep for a necklace containing a plant that you could make yourself. She said that she used 3d plastic, though, so I was trying to figure out how I could make plastic 3d...

Would I go again? Yes! It was a convenient drive to Atlanta and for the variety of eye candy that you see, you can't beat a free admission.

After a long day, we went home and went to bed.

You can learn more about the Maker Faire at their official website. See you in 2012!

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