Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspiration: DIY for Non-Flower Boutonnieres

So many weddings nowadays have a DIY aesthetic. Whether it's stitching "something blue" into the dress, or hand-making invitations, you really can't go wrong with just doing it yourself.

A recent trend in weddings is the non-floral boutonniere. Even in my own wedding, we had what I called "buttonieres"...

Photo by Lesley Kerr Photography
First off, congratulations on choosing the DIY route! It's a great way to customize a wedding and add in special objects that make the handmade way more meaningful. Here are some tips for making your own boutonnieres:

- Some materials to have handy when making boutonnieres are:

  • Hot Glue/A Glue Gun
  • A Thin Wire (16, 18, or 20 gauge would be ideal)
  • Tacky Glue
  • Floral Tape

- Before you start creating the boutonniere, decide how you'd like to secure it. Two common ways of securing them are brooch pins (those claspy thingies) or dress pins. Whichever one you choose will determine how you'll make your boutonniere.

Dress pin-secured boutonnieres

Anatomy of a brooch pin.

- Mixing soft textures (like feathers) with harder textures like buttons, pearls, beads, or wire create a nice balance.

- Be minimal with decorative ribbon. Sometimes too much can take away from the boutonniere itself.

- Stagger the heights of the objects in your boutonniere. Having the objects all at the same height makes it look odd and heavy.

- Feathers are a great thing to have poking out of the top or side of your boutonniere.

- Faux flowers are your friend. Some stores carry life-like fabric flowers. Look around before you settle. You'll be surprised.

- Repeating an element helps bring your piece together. Choosing lots of different sizes for a certain shape adds excitement and makes the brain happy. This is called harmony and repetition.

An example of circles being used over and over.
The eye is trained to like repetition.
- Dollhouse pieces can help you customize your creation. Tiny Things are Cute is a website with rare and vintage tiny finds. Hobby stores and many craft stores also carry a selection of dollhouse pieces. If your wearer likes animals, try train figurines.

- Using objects like charms or buttons from various family members is a great way to decorate your boutonniere.

Based on what I found googling around or doing a basic search on Etsy, I compiled this collection boutonnieres that would be easy to make... All of them were linked to the original sources, but for some reason the hyperlinks got disconnected. If you'd like to find the source, I recommend a Google Reverse Image Search.

Fabric Boutonnieres-

Nature Objects / Natural Boutonnieres-

This boutonniere is made from dyed, dried naturals.
You can find these at stores like Michaels.

Using real natural objects help mask the fake ones.
The acorns in this piece draw attention away from the fake leaves.

Beach Wedding Boutonnieres-

Woodland Themed and Nest Boutonnieres-

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Peacock and Feather Boutonnieres-

Whimsical/Other Boutonnieres-

A mini guitar and guitar picks make for a fun boutonniere
A pinwheel boutonniere adds a light and playful mood.

a boutonniere to remember those who couldn't join you
Who said that boutonnieres had to be flowers?
This rose is made of book pages that have been watercolored.
The Russian veiling/netting compliments the color choice.
The perfect accessory for your Vegas wedding.
The TV can be found in the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby.

A paper flower. Are you good at origami?

This rose was made by twisting ribbon

This one was made with fabric and tiny flowers.
a rick rack rose boutonniere! how creative!

For your inner musician [the record can be found in the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby]

This one is made from faux milkweed, faux billy balls [craspedia], and a faux lotus pod.

Sometimes less is more. This one is made using felt and a button.

Woolen balls and floral wire make this simple design.

for you film people

a nice collection of different materials

here's a strange my little pony boutonniere,complete with mardi gras beads &, as a bonus, it's glued to a fake leaf. i bet this one sold on etsy quickly.

& to wrap it up, here's some tips on making flowers that I found on Pinterest:


  1. WOW! These are absolutely fabulous, so different, so unique! My husband is best man to our friend in March - now I'm thinking you've just inspired me to volunteer to make him and the groom their boutonnière! Thanks!

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