Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spotlight: Dalton Ghetti

You may be familiar with Dalton Ghetti's artwork though you have never heard his name before. His pencil artwork has become viral on the internet.

I'd bet that most of you have seen this before...

Ghetti, a carpenter, was born in Brazil in 1961. He uses simple tools to create his works: a razor, modeling knife, and sewing needles. He has never used a magnifying glass to create his works. He also never sells his work, opting to give them away to family and friends as gifts.

Ghetti also keeps a "collection graveyard" full of sculptures that broke in the making. He considers these dead projects. Most of his pieces takes him months to complete. You can see why he might hang onto ones that broke, considering how much time he invested in them.

This piece took him 2 and a half years- the longest ever!

You can learn more about Dalton Ghetti at his website.


  1. That is insane! What a talent, my god lol Has to take a TON of patience

  2. Anonymous6.10.11

    I am in total awe of this!! The patience and skill he has is astounding!

  3. I just posted about Ghetti on my blog too! His artwork is amazing... I can't believe he doesn't sell it!