Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spotlight: John Pugh

Think back to all of the murals that you have ever seen. How about one in your middle school or high school cafeteria? Did you ever study Diego Rivera? Now, think about the ones that you thought were awesome. Now, forget those murals. The murals of John Pugh are so realistic that you have to stare intently at these images just to make sure that they ARE murals.

Pugh specializes in tromp l'oiel [pronounced "trump loy"] art. Tromp l'oiel is French for "fool the eye". Pugh has been making his murals since the '70s. He was also one of the forerunners of narrative illusionism, a branch of art that focuses on realistic optical illusions.

You can learn more about John Pugh at his website.


  1. Absolutely mind-blowing!! Wish I had that kind of talent ...

  2. Szuper képek :-)

  3. Szuper fotók illetve képek..:-)