Friday, October 7, 2011

Brainstorm: What to do with Coffee Bags?

A friend of mine works for a rockin' coffee company in Athens, GA. She actually took me to their roasters- It's a really cool unmarked building in downtown Athens that smells like heaven. The outside of the roasters had hand made iron gates with beautiful images cut into it. Their coffee roasting machines were huge! There were bags and bags of coffee beans waiting to be roasted in the back of the warehouse. They even had a huge side door to the outside of the building where they dump grounds. A lot of local people bring wheelbarrows to gather it up for compost piles. This place rocks.

The inside of the roasters had tons of local artwork, used books for sale, and lots more. We're talking huge local artwork, too- there were 3 foot tall 3-dimensional welded puzzle pieces and letters all over. Gretchen Elsner, who I met through Treehouse Kid & Craft, is a local clothing maker who used coffee bags to create clothing that was for sale in the roasters. It was one of those places that you knew you would never forget. I love those experiences.

Anyhow, this friend of mine gave me a coffee bag (one of those big, printed burlap things) and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. So, I googled around and found some images. There were too many to provide tutorials (for the ones that did), so if you want to find the source, I suggest a Reverse Image Search. Enjoy!

A coffee bag headboard

DIY coffee bag ottoman

Stretch a coffee bag over a cork board!

Spice up your seating by covering your bench in coffee bags

Staple gun a coffee bag into a frame and hang your jewelry from it

Throw an outdoor party and use them as tablecloths!

Just cover your chair in them!

Sew a trendy pillow!

Plant things in them! Why not?

Reupholster your chairs with them!

Create an eco-friendly christmas stocking!

Use them as party favor bags!

Make a chic bag out of one!

Or a tote!

A coffee bag table runner

Frame it up and display it proudly!

Create a cube ottoman out of some!

Make a rockin lamp!

Make a pretty apron!
I snapped a photo of a coffee bag with my phone- Inside of Free People, they had a makeshift yarn/knit bombing display...

Good luck with your upcycle!


  1. Anonymous22.10.11

    Where do you find coffee bags?

  2. Anonymous26.1.12

    I love this page. Any ideas on where to buy the graphic coffee bags?

  3. Anonymous1.2.12

    Look for a coffee roaster. All bulk green beans come from the farm in 50lb burlap bags, and a coffee roaster has no use for them after they open the bag. Most sell them cheap or even throw them away.

  4. Anonymous29.5.12

    LOVE these images!

  5. Great ideas! I know this post is a little behind. Can you pre wash the bags before using them for projects? The smell of the beans would be overwhelming. But I'd hate to disturb the graphics...