Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brainstorm: What to do with a Library Card Catalog?

I LOVE library card catalogs! Ever since I embarked on my own restoration project, I have been obsessed with finding images of things that others have done with them, too! Here are all of the card catalog images that I've found over the past few months. Enjoy! ...

A legless coffee table!

Storing books and plants...

Or, depending on the condition, you might just want to chuck it outside and let the ivy have a go at it!

A beautiful and strategically placed piece of home furniture!

A dining room style hutch

A free standing piece of furniture

Use it for parties or weddings by throwing natural flowers into the drawers.

Another coffee table. Retro legs only add to the vintage feel of card catalogs!

Use it to store your knitting items & stow the needles on top!

Use it as your own cabinet of curiosity...

This library used it as a computer desk... maybe do the same?

Again, some nice new legs are always a great idea. These ones have rollers.

...Though no legs at all can still give the feel you want.

Another set of legs

Store your sewing items?

Use it to help funkify your home!

Use it to store knick knacks!

Makeup storage?

Kitchen island to store spices and recipes!

Or store your booze!

Utensil storage

Scarf storage!

More sewing storage!

Store natural items to create an another type of cabinet of curiosity!
You can learn more about a furniture restoration project that I did with a card catalog at this post!

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  1. I love these, too, right along with apothecary and letterpress cabinets (and basically any good looking, well built piece of furniture that allows for excessive organization)! Thanks for sharing all of these potential uses for such pieces!